Garth Way

I have always been a ‘save the planet type of person’. We are lucky to have this planet, and we don’t have another one.  We are not as special as we think as Homo Sapiens and should be more considerate and protect our planet from our consumerism.   As I am an engineer, I try to help fix this problem by coming up with practical sustainable solutions.
Thus, my passion for sustainability led me away from the oil industry. Prior to the company’s formation, I worked as a chemical engineer focused on recycling, waste to energy and waste minimization projects. 
I initially begun by making gasification equipment in my garage.  This was to prove I could make biogas and power and heat off-grid. The passion and interest behind this mini-project developed into an enterprise when I discovered a shared path with my current business partner.
I wanted to form Biosus Energy because I was frustrated about two things: 1) getting ripped off by utility companies and 2) the fact that sustainable options were not being offered back then. 
So Biosus was formed with the dual aims of lowering energy costs and going green. 
Bio (bios – life) + Sus (sustainable)
I was the Managing Director of a brand direct selling cashmere products operating in the UK, USA, Germany & Japan. My expertise covered fiber procurement, production processes, data profiling, financial analysis, quality control and marketing. Prior roles included product engineering for an air purification technology manufacturer and electronic engineering for a subsea survey equipment manufacturer. 
I see energy as key ingredient for every activity on the planet. Biosus Energy was born out of a desire to generate and use power more efficiently. I see distributed power generation as a logical step to empowering local economies and reducing our carbon footprint. 
The garage project was a means of testing this principle and creating an entry point into the power market.
I am curious and optimistic that there is always a better and more efficient way to do things.  I tend not to accept the norm and like to question conventional wisdom. I think as a species our current understanding of life and the universe is in its early stages, and judging from the available data we are nearing a crisis point. I think as a parent and responsible businessman I must make an effort to contribute to tackling the pending climate crisis.

Duncan Paterson