Garth Way

Garth Way, Biosus Energy Co-founder
I have always been a ‘save the planet type of person’. I feel strongly that, as humans, we should be considerate of the need to protect our planet from the effects of consumerism. As an engineer, I channel this by developing practical, sustainable energy solutions.
Prior to the company’s formation, I worked as a chemical engineer focused on recycling waste to energy and waste minimization projects. I have also held roles in the oil and gas industry.
My involvement with sustainable technology began in my garage, where I developed a gasification system. This was to prove I could make heat and power from responsibly sourced biomass. The passion and interest behind this mini-project grew into an enterprise when I discovered a shared path with my current business partner.
I wanted to form Biosus Energy because I was frustrated about two things: 1) getting ripped off by utility companies and 2) the fact that sustainable options were not being offered back then. 
So Biosus was formed with the dual aims of lowering energy costs and going green. 
Bio (bio – life) + Sus (sustainable)
I see energy as key ingredient for every business activity. Biosus Energy was born out of a desire to generate and use power efficiently. We promote and enable distributed power generation which empowers local economies and reduces the carbon footprint of energy supply.
I tend to question the norm and like to challenge conventional wisdom. Over-consumption of the earth’s resources and the resultant rapid change in climate has brought about a crisis. A major switch to sustainable activities is required. The team at Biosus Energy are committed to enabling businesses to reduce their energy carbon footprint and reduce energy costs. We hope to help you make this positive change.

Duncan Paterson

Duncan Paterson, Biosus Energy Co-founder
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