Biosus Energy specialise in driving down our customer’s energy costs 

By modelling the energy demand of your business, we analyse potential technical opportunities to reduce your energy demand. 

Next, we perform financial analysis to arrive at the most cost-effective options to provide one of the below solutions. 

Discounted Heat and Power Energy Supply Agreement (ESA) 

  • Biosus install a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generator on the customer’s site and sell discounted heat and power to the site. 
  • An ESA involves no capital outlay by the customer, Biosus retain ownership of the CHP and are responsible for all aspects of service and operation. 
  • The customer receives a monthly invoice for all the power and heat consumption. 
  • Energy security for the site is improved as onsite generation continues even during grid supply failure and grid supply continues during any shutdown of the generation equipment. 

Direct Access Pricing on Power Supply Agreements (PSA) 

  • If an ESA is not a suitable solution for your site, we can use our direct access to the energy markets to provide the lowest priced supply contract. 

Energy Efficiency Equipment 

  • Energy costs can be reduced through the use of optimisation equipment including: voltage optimisation, power factor correction, more efficient motor technology, Solar PV, Solar Thermal and Ground / Air Source Heat Pump (GSHP / ASHP). 
  • We can also provide vehicle to grid and vehicle to home installations to optimise the value of electric vehicles. 

We are sure we can help your business and if you agree then we will start by collecting both the power and heat costs for all your sites with significant energy demand, the steps are as follows: 

  1. You provide a letter of authority so Biosus Energy can request half hourly power data from your existing energy supplier. 
  2. You supply bills for 12 months of heat usage for all sites of interest. 
  3. We can use the data to produce an energy report which is the basis for understanding the most cost-effective route to energy savings. 
  4. We make a site visit to check the details. 
  5. We present a full technical and financial analysis of the options to make energy savings. 

Garth Way

Garth Way, Biosus Energy Co-founder
Garth has always been a ‘save the planet type of person’. He feels strongly that we should be considerate of the need to protect the planet from the effects of consumerism. In business and engineering he drives to impliment practical, sustainable energy solutions. 
Prior to co-founding the company he worked as a managing director in a manufacturing company and technical director focused on recycling, waste to energy and waste minimization projects. He has also worked in oil and gas, investment banking and consultancy.
Biosus was formed to help commercial clients reach new heights of sustainability whilst capturing value. 
The company name is based on Bio (bio – life) + Sus (sustainable)
Duncan sees energy as a key ingredient for every business activity. Biosus Energy was born out of a desire to generate and use power efficiently. We promote and enable distributed power generation which empowers local economies and reduces the carbon footprint of energy supply.
He is working to challenge conventional wisdom. Over-consumption of the earth’s resources and the resultant rapid change in climate has brought about a crisis. A major switch to sustainable activities is required. The team at Biosus Energy are committed to enabling businesses to reduce their energy carbon footprint and reduce energy costs. We hope to help you make this positive change.

Duncan Paterson

Duncan Paterson, Biosus Energy Co-founder
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