An Energy Supply Agreement (ESA) provides discounted electricity and heat. It works in parallel with your existing power supply contract and dramatically reduces the kilowatt hours of electricity your company purchases on its existing contract. The reliability and security of your current grid connection remains and an ESA ensures you have power even when the grid supply fails.
Biosus Energy install a generating station at your business site creating energy savings and efficiencies. Local power generation eliminates transmission losses and makes the heat normally lost at large power stations available on site. It is the uptake of heat produced from power generation which is key to providing discounted heat and power prices.
The pattern and volume of your power and heat demand is used to calculate the level of discount which onsite generation can deliver. The discount is larger when your business has consistent power demand and a significant requirement for low temperature heat (approx. 85°C). By analysing your half hourly electricity meter data, Biosus Energy matches the capacity of the combined heat and power generator to the site’s power and heat demand to achieve maximum energy savings.
Biosus Energy maintains, services, fuels and manages all aspects of the onsite generation station providing a seamless energy service which reduces your energy bill and shrinks your carbon footprint.